Later Life Lending

As an older customer, you may fall outside of the typical high street lending criteria and we may need to consider what is referred to as “Later Life Lending.”

Later life lending can create opportunities for you to release equity in your home or look to take out a new mortgage.

Later life lending is not just Equity Release, some later life lenders offer conventional mortgages. As your Specialist Mortgage Broker we start by looking at all the available options to assist our clients.

We know that our clients are becoming increasingly aware of how far their income will stretch through their retirement and they want options to increase their incomes if possible.

Later life lending not only gives you peace of mind, it allows you to raise capital. Perhaps you are looking to help your children onto the property market, purchasing a second property as a Buy To Let or would just like a sum of money to help with your enjoyment of life in retirement.

Historically, lending choices have been limited and restricted by age and affordability assessments. However opportunities and product innovation is making later life lending more prominent in the marketplace.

We know of traditional mortgage (mainstream) lenders who have adapted their later life criteria and increased maximum lending ages.

We currently offer 2 main Later Lending Products, you can learn more here:

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We need to be honest with you… Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.